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A book about managers becoming great leaders so they can attract limitless success and experience balanced and joyful lives

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Book Summary

Today, more than ever, exceptional leadership is in high demand. Leaders need to embrace their full potential to become the transformative leaders that our world needs. And you can be one of those leaders! Zana Kenjar, an immigrant to the United States who has had a successful leadership career, will show you how. In Becoming a Legacy Leader, Zana offers ten steps to help managers get the promotion and job they want from personal development to leading successful teams. Each chapter is filled with inspiring stories of people Zana has helped to succeed. In these pages, you will learn how to:

Develop a champion mindset

Remove negative behaviors, beliefs, stress, and burnout

Accept responsibility for your own personal development

Develop the skills to lead and inspire your team

Embrace diversity and inclusion

Learn the formula for growing revenues

When you embrace the champion mindset of a leader, you will inspire your team, expand your organization’s success, and leave a legacy that will serve as a roadmap for those who follow. The sky is the limit for what a leader can achieve!
Includes a bonus chapter to accelerate success for immigrants.

Meet the Author

ZANA KENJAR is an independent leadership consultant and a keynote speaker with a mission to transform people’s lives by educating and inspiring others. Born in Macedonia, she came to the United States as a teenager. She has a degree in management from Kean University and has worked in retail and banking, including as a senior risk consultant. Zana Kenjar is the author of In Search for the Miraculous Cure, offering the world forty loving suggestions for cancer support. Today, she lives in New Jersey with her family.





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Est Publishing November 2023

International orders: Contact zana.kenjar@gmail.com for shipping details before purchasing. Regrettably, we can't provide free international shipping at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Here's What Just A Few Amazing People Are Saying About Zana’s Newest Book

“Zana Kenjar’s Becoming a Legacy Leader: A 10 Step Manager’s Guide to Unlocking Limitless Opportunities is an enthralling and transformative journey. The book offers a brilliant ten step guide that takes readers from being managers to inspiring leaders, with practical insights from the author’s personal experiences. Zana’s dedication to her readers’ success shines through as she shares valuable truths and solutions to common leadership challenges. This mentorship in a book is a powerful tool that emphasizes integrity, empathy, and authenticity, empowering readers to make a meaningful impact in their professional and personal lives. This book is an engaging and relatable must read that provides aspiring leaders with the wisdom and guidance they need to leave a lasting legacy of influence and positive change.”

Dr. Pamela George Educator Consultant and Professor, Cornerstone University, and Author of Unleash Your Joy

“Becoming a Legacy Leader is a treasure trove of practical expertise for aspiring managers! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of personal development that unlocks transformative mindset shifts and a powerful leadership framework. Written by an accomplished manager and team leader, this remarkable book overflows with invaluable strategies for risk management, team synergy, influential leadership, and motivational prowess. If you want the winning mindset and tools to conquer any career hurdle, read this book!”

Susan Friedmann CSP, International Bestselling Author of Riches

“Zana Kenjar is a living testament to the transformative power of exceptional leadership. Her radiant positivity and genuine compassion set her apart as both a remarkable leader and an extraordinary human being. Becoming a Legacy Leader distills her vast wisdom into a valuable guide, giving you the sense that Zana herself is coaching you to leadership excellence.”

Daniel J. Moreau President and Founder of For Love of Writers

“Becoming a Legacy Leader is an absolute must read for anyone aspiring to develop and grow as a leader. This book brilliantly emphasizes the importance of building a strong mindset, becoming a leader, and leading by example. It beautifully highlights the significance of caring for your team and taking responsibility for your personal development. I highly recommend this insightful and empowering guide to all aspiring leaders.”

Shaun Matriss Lead Business Growth Strategy Consultant, Wells Fargo Bank

I absolutely loved Becoming a Legacy Leader. As an immigrant to the United States, Zana Kenjar has a refreshing perspective and an attitude about leadership and work that bubbles over with positivity. Everything you need to become a leader and create a successful team is in these pages along with a huge dose of goodwill toward caring about and celebrating your team members. The chapter on how immigrants can help themselves succeed—also extremely valuable to anyone in the workplace who wants to help their immigrant coworkers—is alone worth ten times the price of this book. Don’t miss this one!”

Tyler R. Tichelaar PhD and Award Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“Becoming a Legacy Leader is an absolute gem. Zana’s brilliance shines through as she artfully shares a plethora of practical techniques to conquer real life challenges in the business world. What sets this book apart is the profound space it carves out for introspection and contemplation. It demands to be devoured from cover to cover since each chapter unveils essential insights and strategies that are indispensable for any aspiring leader. Zana’s thoughtful approach not only empowers readers with actionable knowledge but also encourages them to delve deep into their leadership potential. This book should be embraced wholeheartedly by any ambitious individual with aspirations of making a lasting impact as a corporate leader.”

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta India’s Leading Transformational Leadership Coach and the Founder and CEO of SBY Academy LLP

“Becoming a Legacy Leader is a mustread gem. The author shares brilliant ideas and steps on how to become a great leader. The journey Zana will take you through to unlock your potential and become ‘that leader’ is an amazing experience. She walks you through every step of the journey. Furthermore, she helps you create a better team and more leaders.”

Besiana Mullalli Branch Manager II, Wells Fargo Bank

“Zana leads with excellence, authenticity, and a pureness of heart. I love how she specifically addresses self leadership and the heart of an immigrant. I am not an immigrant, but I have a huge space in my heart for the struggles they face coming to a foreign land, especially those speaking a completely different language. Wherever you land: a new or emerging leader, immigrant or citizen, balanced lifestyle or silo focused habits, self leadership is at the core of your ability to grow and Zana shows you step by step how to do it. Hats off to this warm yet power packed leadership book!”

Cynthia McQuade Brinkman Founder and CEO, More God Movement

“I cannot say enough good things about this book! Becoming a Legacy Leader will have a huge impact and will take you and your business beyond the next level! The author is a shining example, through her boldness, courage, compassion, and wisdom, of what good mental health and wholeness will do for a person, and she covers steps in her book for how to get there! The last chapter is an inspiring bonus chapter on immigration.”

Tracy Rohrer Irons Founder and CEO of Our Voices Creations and Author of Your Untethered Voice

“If you want to go to the next level in your journey of leadership, this is the book to read. Becoming a Legacy Leader is a must for anybody who wants to grow and go to the next level.”

Israel Hernandez DTM, CPC, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Author of Keep Moving Forward

“Reading Becoming a Legacy Leader has been a transformative experience for me as a leader. This book goes beyond the conventional notions of leadership and delves into the essential aspects of connecting and building successful teams. It brilliantly captures the essence of leadership, not just as a managerial role but as a journey of growth, motivation, and inspiration.”

Reena Parikh Associate Branch Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

“This book is a must read for anyone early in their leadership journey. Many organizations prepare their people to manage processes, but fall short in teaching individuals to lead authentically. Becoming a Legacy Leader fills that gap by providing simple, practical steps, clear examples, and a strategy of self reflection. Zana Kenjar has delivered an effective tool for managers to truly transform into leaders. This book is designed to provide theory, practical examples, and ways to elevate a leader’s impact through relationships and people centered behaviors. Let’s go!”

Donna Herbel Founder and Chief Igniter of Blue Phoenix Learning

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