Zana Kenjar

Zana Kenjar

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Does your organization need more from its managers and leaders? Do you feel like some are stuck rather than growing, some are unmotivated and need refinement, and some are not using the right tools and strategies to help their teams develop? As Founder and CEO of ZK Leadership Learning, Zana specializes in helping businesses of all sorts and sizes. For organizations and teams, Zana is available for:

One-on-one consulting

Group coaching

Leadership training

Leadership workshops

Twelve courses, each based on a chapter of Becoming a Legacy Leader

Leadership Retreats

Igniting Leadership Excellence with Zana Kenjar

Zana Kenjar delivers leaders, businesses, and organizations, powerful strategies, customized solutions, and practical tools to ignite the leader within and achieve greater progress and success toward their vision.
Zana is well known for her charismatic, fun personality that creates magic in people’s hearts, and she teaches organizations how to do the same through workshops, events, training, and speeches. Hire Zana to bring fun, greatness, and limitless potential to your leaders by instilling a champion mindset in them.
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