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Grief, Leave Me! // Arriving Home

Grief, Leave Me!

Silence and a calm face
but drowning in thoughts
Endless chatter inside of me
Powerless, you let me be
Day after day after day

On a constant rollercoaster
Sadness is consuming me
Wrapped in a blanket with no warmth
Crashing me over wave after wave
And leaving me with my raw thoughts

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Travel to the world of beauty

Drink from the Warm Springs of Georgia
And heal the past traumas of your life
Feel the beautiful nature each hour
Trust the universe to bring back your power

Dance Samba in Rio during Carnival
Allow the happy culture to embrace you
Lay back, watching the breathtaking landscapes
And feel the view of the mountain and the sea

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Healing prayer

Dear God

Awaken me
Take me in your palms today
Place me in the front row
And teach me how to let go
Of the stubborn pain in my soul

Dear God

Give me your vision
Through your eyes
Teach me how to pray
To help the world each day
And aid the rejected to find a way

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Blessings of Ramadan

Inside of you
They speak to you
Embrace you
They reflect on your soul

On your good deeds
Capturing its beauty
As it flows calmness
Almost in a trance

Of divine capture
It holds you tight
Feeling of joy
Love fulfills you

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A Wish for the World

A Wish for the World

I want to fill the world with endless love
And gift you with eternal tenderness
Every village, city, country, continent…
To be dancing with blissful happiness

I wish the world to experience inner content
And your troubles to be replaced by a smile
Instill you a lion’s heart for nothing to fear
Wishing your loved ones to be always near

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The growing love

The growing love

Like dry flowers need its rain
And the newborn needs his mother
I need you now more than ever
You possess the quality like no other

.You grew under my heart even stronger
I am myself and my life is so true
No questions, no quarrels any longer
I live my happy life with you stronger

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Christmas wish

Christmas wish

We live on an island of love
Our souls are filled with joy
We live happily with one boy
Playing in the sand with a toy

This boy is smart and witty
Goes to school and loves his city
Wishing to become a doctor
Or the happy farmer on a tractor

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My eternal wish

My longing for you Created a clear dream

You and me and mom on a beach

I knew you’d come one day

Summers and winters and endless rain

My longing for you was here to stay

Blessings from the sky but now on earth

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Coffee is my friend

She can’t move from place to place
Yet there is an answer, coffee
Exhausted woman walking to get coffee
From the moment she opened her eyes

Coffee was a friend that never betrayed her
And all her thoughts unloaded in comfort
No one to judge her
Can you wake up and feel the riot inside you?

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Thanksgiving Day

Lifetime of inner dialogue inside of me
You didn’t teach me how to be gentle and kind
Nor how to eat with a fork and a knife
How to love and live a positive life

The winds of change blew in my direction
I found you and all the blessings
My beauty was trapped inside a diamond
Years of struggle to swim outside the bubble

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After the fog

I know I battled without a weapon
And fought with my bare hands
I cried, wounded, and feeling defeated
With no one to wipe away my tears

On my journey, my heart has shattered
Over and over and over again
I’ve missed my land, miles and miles away
Living with the truth that I was here to stay

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From darkness to light

I see you, the sparkle left your eye
And flew to the wilderness of a dark forest
His departing has left your soul in mourning
So desperate, full of pain and lonely

The seasons have changed but you remain
As a broken clock on the wall still standing
Living each day and repeating yesterday
Full of distraction and the emptiness he left

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Dust yourself from pain

Do not fear abandonment
He was just passing through
Hope you learned a thing or two
Love in your heart is what’s true

That person is a foolish man
Hidden agendas with a plan
And don’t question the reasons
Continue to live happy each season

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Be Responsible For Your Own Development

Being a great leader means becoming responsible for your own development

You can become that great leader that you always wanted to be. You are born with all the natural abilities and talents that you can bring to your team. Have you asked yourself some heart-to-heart questions?

What is preventing you from getting your next job? Is it because you are not given the opportunity? You have been going to interviews and you always end up with the email that they went with another, more qualified candidate. I have been there, and been through a self-evaluation of my mental state, and all the skills I possessed, and I realized one thing. The only person that is responsible for your development is YOU. We usually tend to accuse our manager or leader for not giving us the chance for that promotion and we stay in the background feeling hurt, angered, and full of resentment.

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Dying for love

This is a story about a young boy falling in love with a girl and how he fought for her until the end of his life. It is a story about a couple that was brought together from two different worlds and created their own; one full of love and magic in their hearts. Despite their struggle with their external, cultural differences and suffering from their families’ limiting beliefs, they fought to keep their love alive until the end. Life brought them many obstacles, sadness, despair, and resentment, yet they never let each other go, until death. For over 20 years, they pushed through the darkness for a ray of light. The story begins with Brad, who grew up in the small town of Struga, at the edge of beautiful Lake Ohrid in Northern Macedonia, Eastern Europe. He was the youngest of three, with two siblings; an older brother and an older sister named Robert and Susan. Brad loved his mom so much and went everywhere with her. He always bragged that he was his mom’s favorite. His father was a great mason, yet he worked in different countries due to the tight economic situation in Macedonia at the time. 

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