Zana Kenjar

Zana Kenjar


In Search for Miraculous cure is loaded with simple ways, plans and tricks to help your loved one or anyone suffering. True inspiration for anyone that has not only dealt with cancer, but has gone through anything difficult. It's mental, emotional, heart wrenching journey of a cancer patient fighting with positive belief. In Search for Miraculous Cure is a deeply emotional and motivating journey through poetry of a sister in search for something beyond what we can see, to cure her younger brother. She offers loving suggestions on how to allow your effected loved one to still enjoy everyday life. Every being possessing energy is called upon to help, send positivity and healing to her brother and to anyone who is suffering. Zana details how she continually plans adventures and events to help keep her brother hopethriving including a trip to their homeland Macedonia. With never ending positivity, faith andhope Zana aids in her brothers healing and prays her words may help others ease their suffering.

Zana was born in the beautiful small town of Struga, on Lake Ohrid, in Northern Macedonia. She came to the US at the age of 16, and she graduated from Kean University with a degree in Management Science. For 20 years, Zana had a career as a strong leader, creator, and consultant, inspiring her team with her positive and infectious attitude and speech. Now, she aims to help more people and reach a larger audience with her writing. Zana is author of the book “In Search for the Miraculous Cure”. This book is a dedication to her younger brother and his fight with cancer, through positive beliefs. Zana has a large extended family with whom she spends most of her time. She loves world travel, spending time outdoors, and swimming. Zana is a strong believer in daily prayer, meditation and exercise. Believing that life should never be taken for granted, every sunrise is a gift from God, a second chance, and should never be wasted. Zana finds joy in helping others, especially those in need. Her desire to give to the less fortunate is what is most inspiring about her.

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